"Salveo" (means good health in Latin), is a digital health company that uses the power of technology and great healthcare service to deliver cost effective healthcare for you and your family. Our unique platform, MySalveo creates the "virtual hospital" that eases the pain, and brings healthcare closer to you

The company is managed by a team of healthcare professionals, technocrats and business professionals who work towards delivering a good customer experience besides good healthcare. Healthcare in India is in a very reactive mode today- good healthcare is preventive and proactive, this can only be done by disrupting healthcare by use of intelligent technology", That is what our founders believe in and that's what drives the organization.


We care about you, and that's why our healthcare services are affordable, available at the comfort of your home when you need it, or you could schedule a visit to your nearest "SalveoCare Center" . We are easily accessible through any device or simply request a call back and we will take care of the rest. Currently we are providing


We help you get back on your feet. Our physiotherapists work with you to regain mobility, as far as possible.


What might be right for you may not be right for some so lets make the most of this day since we are together evryday


We provide attendants for patients or eldercare, or trained nurses to suit the needs of you or your family members who are bedridden.


With our well trained dentists you can take care of beautiful smile you could choose to get dental care services in a SalveoCare


Prevention is better than cure- we provide holistic healthcare packages, that will take care of diabetic management, complete body check-up, and various other packages

The Salveo App Launched
(For Healthcare Providers)

Healthcare Service Providers App is already launched in playstore and App Store. Healthcare Service Providers can download Salveo for iPhone and Android. App coming soon for Patients and Customers

What is Salveo

Salveo Healthcare Solutions is a Professionally run organization dedicated to provide world class health care services at very affordable rate at the comfort of your home or at a Salveo Center nearby you

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